The end

(Autor Iris Feller)
The end
The world’s lying in its ruins
Nothing’s there we lived for
No skyscrapers and no affluence
No success, no money, no score
Only the power of devastation
And a deep vacancy in our hearts
But I can’t find any explanation
We look at each other, no remarks
We don’t know how to move
We don’t know what to do
It’s all over now
We’ve got nothing anymore
Because we haven’t got anything before
We are desperate and shocked now
But we weren’t when we lost our love and emotions a long time ago
I wonder why there’s such a great fuss
Insensible creatures wouldn’t care about that
Does our bad conscience trouble us?
I know we’ve been mad – so bad
Why did it happen like this?
Say why?
We thought we were a wiz
Should I cry?
Was there no way out?
We were too indifferent
We just laughed about
So we sealed our end
What will happen now?
Shall we start again?
No, the sense is too low
We would do the same
Because we’ve never learnt from our errors
We always shed more and more terror
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