must be dreaming…..

(Sarah Idrissi)
must be dreaming
CAR+ (272) 
… must be dreaming
‚cause I wasn’t obliged or anything
just attracted by my own imagination
so I truly must be dreaming
does te coffee have no longer an effect
hear no longer that freaky noise of an unknown insect 
feel so cold in the middle of summer
feel so numb though I’m imitating a great drummer
would’ve told you to try smoking
but you’re the ‚good guy‘
and I ain’t good at advising
how about quit living
instead of being astonished bu such a big lie
but still…I ain’t good at advising
ain’t good at being loved either
must be dreaming, have you said
‚cause you werent obliged or anything
just attracted by your own imagination
by your self-confidence and your innocent games
so yes, I was dreaming
and yet… still dreaming
waiting for the most wanted moment
to wake up …
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