The old King

The old King

The old King Speaks….

"When winter goes to rest
and snow melts from the ground
Please fulfill my quest
As strange as it may sound
Wander off my Friend
through the winters death
until you reach the pond
of lovely springtimes rest.
Wake her up, nice and calm
But remember do not harm
For spring is a gently child
and she will run fast and wild.
If she wakes up with a smile
and opens up her green green eyes
Just wait and look for a while
With bliss and joy she will arise.
She will look at you with no deceit
Now my Friend be polite  make a bow
kneel down before her tiny feet
And tell her so …

`I am here on Kings request
wishes he has none but one
the dark angel sits on his chest
and waits to take him home.
His last wish dear springchild
nothing more than a field of flowers
in colours bright and smell so mild
when he lies in his darkest hours.
Narcissus, Tulips, Snowdrops too
Maybe Daffodils and a Snowflake
all with sparkling morning dew
that glitters when the sun is awake.
Just a glance of his last spring
That`s what I`m asking you, oh Maid
The last request of the old king
Before his long life may fade.´

The springchild began to sing
a song of beauty for the king
That he may rest with laughing eyes
Flowers of Spring will always rise.

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2 Antworten zu The old King

  1. carmen-m schreibt:

    Rio de lágrimasEl río es de lágrimas azules,Cuando quiero cruzar, y no lo cruzo,Cuando miro el horizonte yNo te encuentro.Cuando muero y te mueres en distancia,En silencios de voces a lo lejos.Rodeado de murmullosde sollozos, de fantasmasQue te arrancan la carneSin mis besos.Y te quedas sin cuerpo, sin mi cuerpoFlotando en el espacio del recuerdo,Colgado del sonidoDe las voces del silencio.Y ya no estas allí,No sos tu carne.Sos el río de lágrimas azules,Y quedamos, suspendidos en el aire,Sin el aire, porque allí es donde te encuentro,Y no hay límite,Y no hay tiempo.

  2. carmen-m schreibt:

    Stille————-Stille kann manhörenStille kann manspürenStille kannschreien..Ich kann Sie auch findenIN MIRDASS ist Stilleman kann Sie auchHÖRENSIE KANNS C H R E I E N…..

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